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It can sometimes be disorienting to buy any Medigap policy because of the numerous available options for both the policies and the policy seller, that is, the insurance companies. Apart from the major choices to be made, there are questions related to the filling of applications, the overall procedure, and payment and so on. There are times when guidance is needed when it comes to Medicare advantage plans.

Here are simple tips for filling out the application:

  • Fill the application carefully and read it thoroughly. Make sure you understand the questions and answer them accordingly as these questions will determine the eligibility for open enrollment or the eligibility falling under guaranteed issue rights, also known as “Medigap protections).
  • In case, someone else such as the insurance agent is filling out the form, recheck if it is filled out properly and the necessary information has been stated.
  • Keep in mind that there is no need for any family history or the requirement for any genetic test and no insurance company can ask for it.
  • No insurance company can deny a person any Medicare advantage plan under the Medigap open enrollment period stating any health-related issue and they cannot change the price related to the price either.
  • The insurance company selling the Medigap plans cannot deny any Medigap plan under guaranteed issue right in respect to the medical answers given by the insured or change the price of any policy because of it.

How can anyone pay for the chosen Medicare advantage plans?

A person can pay through check, bank draft or money order. Some companies also offer electronic fund transfer which will be the easiest mode of transfer. However, make sure that the money is transferred to the insurance company and not to the insurance agent. If under any circumstance, the money is drawn to the agent make sure that a receipt is received stating the insurance company’s name, address and phone number for personal records.

When should your policy start?                       

Under normal circumstance, the policy is effective from the first of the month after the application or you can ask for your policy to start when you want the coverage to start. If for any reason, the insurance company does not give the effective date for the month chosen, then you can call State Insurance Department for assistance.

If Medicare advantage plan policy does not start within 30 days, call the insurance company and in case it has not started after 60 days, call the State Insurance Department.

Steps to buy Medigap policy